Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Paris Teaser

Hello.  Bonjour.  Salut.  Is anyone still there?

This post has nothing to do with eating or teaching or breathing.

Scratch that.  This post (and its sequel) have everything to do with all three of those topics.  I needed a break from teaching to catch my breath from the exhaustion of life.  And where better to eat than in Paris?

Okay, pictures for now.  Descriptions later.  I will write again.  I will write again...
Eiffel Tower at night, in the rain.
Completely more beautiful than I had anticipated.        

I don't drink coffee, so...chocolat chaud.
One can never have too many.  This is my third in as many days.
And then there's the cheese.  Yes, please.
A baguette and du fromage for our impromptu picnic.
Crepes, savory and sweet.  Jambon-fromage ou Nutella-banane.
Paris was fabulous all around.  Totally worth it.  Fifty hours and a lifetime of magic.