Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Beet Goes On

So, I know I don't yet write much about my school (neither the one I am currently at, nor my someday school), but my current school is with me all the time, every moment.  The children are precious--even the 20 year old children.  And my school is beautiful because, as crazy and eccentric and irresponsible and disorganized as the staff might collectively be, we genuinely care about the kids.  About who they are, and how they've grown, where they're going, and how we can help them get there.  And this is simply gorgeous.

Yet there are weeks like this one where children are being kicked out of their houses, their family members tell the kids they are worthless, horrible people.  And as children, they believe what they are told about themselves.  And this is sad.  And I can't fix it.

But, I can call their family court lawyers.  And I can help them finish their college applications.  And I can stand beside them when they make a doctor's appointment because they've been ill all week long.  And I hope they know they are loved.

I think this is why I'm hooked on this idea for a food-themed school.  Which is to say, I love a new recipe, but I can't give up on the kids just yet.  So, I keep dreaming of this place where I can integrate these passions.  It turns out that this idea is not only emerging in nooks and crannies across the nation, it is also popping up in my own school.  Just today another teacher told me that she's hoping to pilot a food-themed interdisciplinary curriculum in the 7th grade next year.  Hooray!  I'll let you know if anything comes to pass.

To wrap it up, a bit of a food homage: to the beet!  Nutrition benefits aside, I appreciate the beet for its spectacular color.  In fact, I never did like the beet, but decided I should give this veggie another chance because it is so RED!  What could be better?  (Coincidentally, this is the same way that cranberries made their way onto the list of foods I love.)  Beets can be eaten raw or cooked and are a wonderful addition to any plate.  Here, for example, is a raw beet salad we had the other night, made with scallions, parsley, and a simple dressing.  I hope the beet also makes its way into your dinner very soon.

Hear, hear to the beet.  And hear, hear to another day of fighting the good fight.  The beet goes on...


  1. hi Sarah. It's lovely to hear about how you love your students. I'm sure they know how much you care, even when things are tough for them.
    And, on another note, I'd like to make a blog entry request: Please describe your ideal sunny day picnic in the park...what foods would you prepare? what time of year would you go? who would go with you?
    Just an idea.
    love, Lucy

  2. The world needs more Sarah M's, and that's all I have to say about that!