Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer Happiness

Yesterday one of my best friends got married in Fort Tryon Park, a place so beautiful and lush it's hard to remember you're still in Manhattan.  The weather was perfect: warm and sunny with a soft breeze sending seedlings and leaves fluttering every which way.  The ceremony was short and sweet, followed by cocktails, dinner, music, and much dancing.  A fabulous wedding had by all.

Rain and thunder are keeping us company today, and I love it.  Outside everything is quiet, muted, almost like a shared but unspoken secret.  Hardly anyone is out; a couple people amble along walking dogs or smoking a cigarette.  It's a perfect day to lounge about indoors and maybe nap.

Yoga for the third day in a row this morning.  My hips are sore, my arms are tired.  But my body is happy.

Breakfast--scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast--has just been delivered to me in bed, so off I go!

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