Sunday, April 1, 2012


Okay, so I tested out the ankle on Thursday, jogging 1/2 a mile with intermittent walking.  Yesterday I ran about a mile.  Today I graded history papers for several hours and simply could not sit here any longer.  So, got out of the apartment and ran the short loop in the park.  Post-run, happy to report that the ankle seems to be handling the 2.5 miles without much complaint.

It's a beautiful sort of dreary out.  Everything is just budding--the branches of young trees seemed to be mischievously stretching out toward me as I ran by them.  It's been threatening to rain all day, and just began to spit a little halfway through my run.  Not a big deal, though, since it's fairly warm out.  Plus, I was so happy to be running again, I could not have cared.
I never thought I'd say, "I was so happy to be running."  Weird how things change over time.

I continue to ice my foot twice a day, much to the amusement of whoever happens to be in the room with me while I do it.  It's inconvenient and oh so cold, but does seem to be accelerating the healing process.

Back to work.  Only four more days until spring break... 

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